An entire page dedicated to our hard-working, beloved staff. They work tirelessly to deliver our services to our youth and we are beyond grateful.


As a volunteer-run program, we rely on volunteers to operate!



POSITION: School-Year Program Coordinator/Summer Program Director 

AGE: 29

AREA OF STUDY: Counseling Psychology                                                                                                                 


I’ve been working in non-profit for all of my adult live, through a number of community based youth organizations– but something was especially appealing about being involved in a small grassroots organization, still new and full of opportunity. Countless studies have shown the positive impact of at-risk teens having access to multi-service youth programs, and this is a massively overlooked demographic in LaSalle. I love being a part of the day-to-day lives of these youth, and being part of a team that shapes the layout of community services in the area.

Their perspective. Most of our “regulars” have had a LOT of life experience in a very short period of time; I appreciate the chance to hear about their lives and how they think/feel as a result of it, and to challenge their thought processes in a positive and productive way.

I used to be Yogi Bear! Actually.



POSITION: Summer Program Coordinator 

AGE: 20

AREA OF STUDY: Health Sciences, 3rd Year                                                                                                              

Prior to starting at the Hangout, I had been looking for a job that involved a leadership role in the community. Growing up in a huge family with tons of kids, I loved the idea of working to help provide an enjoyable and safe environment for youth in LaSalle.

I love their wit. They’re always keeping me on my toes.
I went to Kenya, Africa this summer on a mission trip to build a school for an underdeveloped community.


POSITION: Summer Program Coordinator 

AGE: 20

AREA OF STUDY: Child Youth Care, 3rd Year                                                                                                             

I got involved with the Hangout to work with teenagers. I’m going into my third year of CYC, but I get the most of out my learning when I am in the field. I wish I would’ve known about my local youth centre when I was in high school.

These kids are so outgoing! They are all unique (and sassy) in their own way. Being a teen is tough so it’s important we acknowledge how they’re feeling before dealing with an issue.
I’ve wanted to be a CYC since grade 9 so it’s great to finally see the beginning of my career.


POSITION: Summer Program Instructor 

AGE: 20

AREA OF STUDY: Protection, Security, Investigation                                                                                                              

To give back to the community and help be a positive influence in the lives of young adults around me.

My favourite thing about the Hangout is the opportunity to build relationships with the youth who use our services and see their growth throughout the years.
I recently travelled to Kenya for a volunteer trip and will be traveling to Ecuador in May to build schools for underprivileged communities!


POSITION: Junior Camp Instructor 

AGE: 26

AREA OF STUDY: Youth & Health Studies/Fundraising Mgmt.                                                                                                              

I got involved with the Hangout because I admire the support and community they provide for the youth. This organization definitely fills a void in our small town!

My favourite thing about the Hangout are the discussions we have here. Also, watching the kids try new things and seeing them grow! It’s very rewarding hearing they got a job, or discussing their goals for the future.
I went scuba diving for my first time in Australia and loved every minute of it!


POSITION: Junior Camp Counsellor 

AGE: 18

AREA OF STUDY: Early Childhood Education, 1st Year                                                                                                              

I wanted more experience with adolescents for my future career. I also wanted to be the person in the students lives that I needed when I was their age, someone positive that will be open and willing to help them when they’re in need.

Being a constant in the lives of students who have a regularly changing home life.


POSITION: Junior Camp Counsellor 

AGE: 19

AREA OF STUDY: Educational Support (EA)                                                                                                              

I decided I wanted to join the Hangout to help make a difference in my community.

My favourite thing about the Hangout is that it’s a nonprofit, allowing the youth to access all of our services free of charge!
I really enjoy painting in my free time!


POSITION: Junior Camp Counsellor 

AGE: 18

AREA OF STUDY: GED                                                                                                              

I got involved with The Hangout because I myself used to be a youth here. I want to help the youth in the way the staff helped me throughout my years.

That it’s a safe and open environment where everyone can be who they are without judgement.

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."
John C. Crosby
American Politician
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