Here at The Hangout, we host multiple events throughout the year. In addition to our events, we're fortunate to have many fundraisers hosted for us through our sponsors. Check them out!


Every year, The Hangout hosts a fundraiser dinner! We invite friends, family, our sponsors, and anyone who wishes to join us. In 2018, we had our most successful dinner yet! The event was hosted at the KofC, where we had amazing food, raffle prizes, a 50/50 raffle and a photo booth! Our wonderful youth volunteered at the event, helping us raise a generous amount of money to help keep our doors open for the remainder of 2019!


The holiday seasons are times of gratitude, giving thanks, and most importantly, giving back. For Christmas and Thanksgiving, The Hangout hosts our most delicious dinners, with invitations extended to the youth’s family, our volunteers, sponsors, and community members. This Christmas dinner, we were able to host a raffle and give all the youth that attended an early Christmas gift!


As part of our summer program that officially launched in the summer of 2018, The Hangout hosts our own take on the Summer Olympics. The youth are divided into two teams, competing in games throughout the summer, earning points. From volleyball, beach games, sumo wrestling, bean bag toss, and air hockey, we have a variety of games geared towards everyone. This year Team Zach won! Will you be on the winning team this summer?

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As a strictly volunteer-run program, they help us stay afloat.

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