Who We Are ...

Learn more about who we are, how we started, and how we continuously work to foster a safe space for the youth of LaSalle.


Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide a safe haven for LaSalle youth by giving help with school work, personal development programs, healthy snacks and an adult supervised socialization during the time after school. Our goal is to provide support to any youth in the age range of 12 to 19 with constructive and safe activities.
Additional programs will offer mental health support through available counselling, extended programming during school breaks to engage the youth and other programs that will assist the youth, their families and the community.
These services to be provided at no cost to the youth or their families. 

Previous Programs

  • Summer Events and Trips
  • Dedicated Exam Study Hours
  • Family Food Program - Covid19 Response
  • PPE / Covid Test Kits - Covid19 Response

Current Programs

On-going programs continue and do change with the time of the year.  We do have ...

  • Dedicated Exam Study Hours

  • Daily Meals

  • Tutoring

  • Available Professional Counselling

How We Started

The LaSalle Hangout For Youth (The Hangout) was created in 2015 with a vision and mission to provide an accessible and safe space for the youth in the Town of LaSalle to come together. The Hangout was established after recognizing a general absence of available after-school programs as well as a concerning amount of young people on the streets. The need became increasingly apparent after consulting with local businesses and the LaSalle Police Service. In response to this need the, LHY was founded, beginning with two kids in the basement of a Church, two days a week.
Today, the Youth Centre is open 5 days a week during the school year.  Monday-Friday from 3:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m, We provide a safe, adult-supervised space that offers a variety of services including homework assistance, job preparation, snacks, meals, access to professional counsellers and personal development programs designed to encourage physical and academic growth.
There is also a March Break program available Monday-Friday, and a Summer Program that is available from the morning to early evening Monday - Friday.  Continuing to provide a safe, adult-supervised space that offers a variety of events, meals, daily activities and trips to help ensure a safe and memorable time.




The LaSalle Hangout for Youth is a Canadian Registered Charity, started in 2015 and located in LaSalle, Ontario
Offering these services and support for the community does take a large effort on the part of our volunteer Board of Directors and the co-creators Brian and Rama.
As a charity we rely on the donations from the community and the our fund-raising events to operate.  There is a couple of larger corporate sponsors who’s continued support has made it possible for us to keep our doors open.  We have also received some grants that have allowed us to run specific programs, such as our extended summer hours.
We are always looking for community minded people to volunteer with the youth or on our board.  Please reach out and let us know if you need help or can help out.